Improving Communication in the Work Environment – Facilitation

Twenty years ago, few people had heard of or even used the words, “group facilitation” or “group processes”. Ten years ago, the professional association, The International Association of Facilitators (IAF), was formed. Today, around the world, thousands of facilitators lead groups every day. In ten years, the skill set of any effective organizational leader will be team facilitation skills.

Most of the issues we face in today’s businesses are so complex that teamwork is no more an option but a must. It is simply not possible for one person to solve today’s challenges – one needs to be able to teamwork.

Working in teams is not always easy, facilitation can ease this process and help improve the communication.

The presentation will deal with 2 central questions:

  • What is good communication?
  • What can we do to improve communication?

Facilitation techniques will be put to practical use throughout this session, along with different aspects of communication.